Patricia and Terry Crowell have spent their lives in the travel industry.
 They have worked in the airline and travel industry their entire  professional career. Married 46 years, they have
lived in Japan, Thailand, France and of course the United States. Their
world savvy and a thrill for excitement has brought Exotic Destinations &
Honeymoon Co., LLC to existence.


We specialize in honeymoons, destination weddings, adult vacations and family fun-filled travel to the most popular resorts in the Caribbean such as
Sandals, Beaches, Secrets, Dreams, Excellence Resorts and The Real Resorts...Fabulous River, Barge, Yacht and Ocean Cruises..
Fantastic Golf and Spa Resorts to relax and getaway...Exotic and far away places...
Africa, Europe, Central and South America, South Pacific, New Zealand and Australia

We pride ourselves in the fact that a good first impression and a good last impression makes everything that happens in
between a happy remembrance.


We hope you will let us serve you... and we look forward to
"Letting you have FUN!"

Patricia A. Crowell

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